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24" x 36" Window Cling - Open For Take-Out
Part Number - #2436STC-7001-TAKEOUT
Price: $59.00

Detailed Description

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Maximize the use of your windows with window clings. These clever window graphics make your shop, restaurant, or salon look professional and inviting. The eye-catching signs can help capture customers’ attention and build interest around your brand.

Static clings do not require the use of adhesives, which means you can remove them and place them where your customers are.


Viewing direction

This refers to how the graphics will be applied and seen:

  • To apply in front of window – The non-printed side adheres to the surface. This option makes the artwork easier to see from a distance and works best for tinted windows.

  • To apply behind window – The print is on the cling side, which sticks to the glass. This protects the static clings from outside elements but is not best for tinted windows. 


4 Steps to Installing Window Clings

  1. Clean your window. Use a glass cleaner to remove dirt from the glass.

  2. Wet the surface. Large window clings adhere best to wet surfaces. Spray the area with a mixture of liquid soap or windex and water. 

  3. Apply the window cling. Peel off the backing paper from the window cling and smooth it over your window. You can spray this surface with windex as well.

  4. Remove air bubbles. Use a squeegee to press on the decal against the glass and get rid of air bubbles.  


Window Cling FAQs

Do window clings attach to any surface?
Window clings stick best to slick and even surfaces. It can adhere to windows, mirrors, plastics, and walls if they are dirt-free and even textured.  
Is it better to install window clings inside or outside?
Either way works depending on the type of window you have. For tinted windows, it’s best to install the decals outside where people can easily see the details of your design.
Do window clings lose their stickiness?
Window clings lose their stickiness if they are not used for a long time. Dirt can build up on the static side, which makes the decals lose their ability to stick. Additionally, they may not adhere well if the surface is too wet.



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