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Eagle Animal Silhouette
-Any shape can be made.
-Easy to insert into ground.
-Spins with the wind.
-Scares away unwanted pests.
-Perfect for backyards, large fields, parks.
-Rain resistent.
-Reflective eyes.
Price: $64.00
Part #: SIL0-005

Live-action animal silhouettes keep pests away.


Place our decoys in the area where pests are unwanted. The pests see the silhouettes as a threat and will not come back as long as the decoys are in place. A slight breeze will cause the dogs to move and make them appear real, and frightening to pests.

The silhouettes are made of a light-weight, weather-resistant plastic material. They are attachable to metal rods which attach to a ground stake for easy set-up. It provides life-like motion in a slight breeze or gusty wind.

  • Cost-effective
  • Works day and night
  • Protects grassy or paved areas
  • Re-usable year after year
  • Sturdy light-weight plastic withstands all weather
  • Humane deterrent for pest problems
  • No dangerous chemicals or foul odors
  • Quick to set up
  • Easily moves to different areas of your property
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